Best 10 exercise| full-body workout plan

Best 10 exercise| full-body workout plan

There are thousands of exercises which you know and some exercises which you didn’t know there so many exercises but I will tell you some of the best exercises for a full-body workout which helps you to tone your body and make your body healthy and fit.

These exercises which I am going to tell you are very effective for targeted muscles and it tones your muscles.

 Here we start

Best benefits of doing a full-body workout plan are as follow
10 exercise full body workout plan
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If you do this workout plan which includes push-ups, crunches, planks, and others are very effective to develop muscles, and doing this exercise helps to increase testosterone level which helps to improve muscle recovery growth and also develop muscle immunity.

If you are doing this body exercise daily then this all exercise includes so much energy for your muscles strength which is very useful to burn so many calories in less time.

These all-body exercises are very used full to weight loss or fat loss because it burns so many calories in less time and also helps to tone your body.

A period of exercise for 1-hour burn at least 1500 calories a day.

This full-body workout plan includes exercises that help to reduce your stomach fat very effectively.


  • You remember that in your school day push-ups are a very basic exercise for daily sports and warm-up or sports camp because push-ups are very useful to target various muscles in your body.
  • The most targeted parts are the triceps, chest, and abs.
  • It is a manly target for the upper body part and improves your upper body strength.
  • If you individual pushup in your daily exercise routine then he or she lifts its own 65% weight which also helps to strengthen your body.
  • On daily basics, 3 sets of 15 push-ups are good as a beginner you can increase the number of push-up per day as you want.
  • You have some difficulty in doing push-ups as a beginner then do wall push-ups or touch knees to the ground.
Tips for perfect push-ups
  • Do not bend your back
  • Your butt should not be lifted to mush and maintain your body poster straight.       


  • It one of the best exercises for abs it helps to tone your stomach muscles.
  • I guarantee if you do crunches regularly then your stomach gets a plan and abs appear in less than 1 month.
  • It is simple to do crunches you have to lie down on the ground bend your knees and then pull your body upside.
  • It also increases the strength and flexibility of your muscles.
  • It is very good to 3 sets of 20 crunches as the beginner and then you may increase the numbers of crunches.
  • It is one of the ways according to the expert to burn more calories.

Planks abs exercise

  • This exercise helps you to make your stomach flat and also helps to strengthen your back.
  • It is one of the best abs exercise if you do this exercise daily then I am sure you get perfectly toned abs.
  • You have to lie down on the ground with the support of elbows and your foot.
  • Try to hold at least 10-20 seconds as the beginner and please try to increase no of time as you can.

Burpees exercise

  • It is one of the best exercises to burn fat this is one of the most common exercises in army camps or sports camps it helps to improve your body poster.
  • It is well if you do 3 sets of 10 burpees as the beginner.
  • First, you have to stand straight and bend get into a squat position and you have to get the support of your hand a little bit in front of your legs.
  • Then push your legs back and touch your cheats on the ground and then jump and stand straight.

Squats leg exercise

  • Squats are an exercise in which the most targeted parts are your legs.
  • It helps to strengthen your legs and makes your legs muscles strong.
  • First, you have to stand straight then bend your knees and keep your body straight and then get up back to a standing position.
  • This exercise required a little bit more strength to do that’s why it helps to burn more calories.
  • It helps to make your legs more stable and flexible. As you get older your body strength gets low if you do squat this is very useful for you.

Deadlifts exercise

  • It is an exercise that helps to tone your chest, legs, and help to strengthen your back and spine.
  • There should be distance as your shoulder between your legs.
  • Do not bend your shoulder and the shoulder should backstretch.
  • 3 sets will good as per beginner try to do 10 deadlifts per set.
  • As a beginner do not lift heavy weights use comfortable weights.

Superman- best body exercise

  • In this exercise, you have to stretch your legs, arms, and chest upward if directly said you have to balance on your stomach and do not touch your legs and hands on the ground as you can.
  • This exercise helps to build muscles and also strengthen your back and stomach area.
  • Do this exercise for a 5-6 second because it seems to be easy but it is not if you can do it for more time than it is excellent.
  • It is best for stretch the lower back and tones your power your muscles but it most effective for abs and back because if you are doing this then you feel pressure on the stomach and back.

Lateral raise- for a full-body workout

  • You have to stand straight and hold dumbbells in your hand where your hands should have to face each other and then you have to raise your hands on sides on the level of your shoulders and then repeat.
  • 3 sets with 15 lateral raises should be ok as a beginner.
  • It affected your side muscles of your body which helps you to shape your body and reduce side fat.
  • Stand straight do not bend your body and lift dumbbells that feel comfortable to lift.
  • This exercise really makes your full-body workout complete.
  • It also helps to make your shoulder more stable and flexible.

Barbell curl- full-body workout

  • Stand straight and grip the barbell in a way in which your hands are opposite to your stomach after that lift the barbell and touch it to your chest.
  • A distance between your barbell is as same distance as between the shoulder.
  • It mostly affects your biceps, triceps, and your arms.
  • You may also use a closer grip on you’re dumbbells.
  • It pumps your biceps your muscles and gives power to your hands.

Dumbbells bench press

  • This exercise mostly targets your cheats it helps to build your cheats muscles.
  • You have to lie down on the bench holding dumbbells in your hands and your hand is facing the sky.
  • After that lift dumbbells upward and try to lift both the dumbbells at the same time and repeat the process.
  • 3 sets of 15 numbers of bench press are enough for a beginner.
  • As you take the dumbbell down take a breath inside after exhale during lifting up.
  • Do it slowly and properly as you can avoid any type of injury.
Some common benefits of doing this workout plan are:
  • Improved muscle strength.
  •  This workout is good for a Flexible body.
  • Maintain weight.
  • Good for weight loss.
  • Better physicist.
  • Lower the chance of cramps and muscle pain.
  • This body exercise helps to improve muscle recovery time.
There are two kinds of food you have to avoid to be healthy and fit:

Fast food: food like fruits, vegetables, and chicken breasts are high in protein and fibers i.e. they are very beneficial to be in a shape.

 But if you avoid this kind of food and eat junk food or fast food on daily basis then there are so many changes occurred in your body like an increase in weight, inactive digestive system, stress, and change in the sleep cycle, blood pressure problem, increased cholesterol, etc.

Due to which your body became unhealthy and if you eat all this stuff during body exercise then there is no change occurred in your body because during exercise your body burns so many calories and helps to tone your body.

So if you eat fast food daily then it makes no sense to follow any workout routine to maintain your health.


I think everyone knows that sugar is very unhealthy it tends to increase weight, increase the chance of heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Sugary food like cold drinks, sweats are very unhealthy. Sugar contains caffeine which provides you a good amount of energy but it tends to disturb your sleep cycle.

And sleep is the most important factor which is responsible to get healthier and fit. It tends to increase in an irregular manner but has no meaning if you eat sugary food alternately workout.

You just have to control diet for 1 -2 weeks to get fit and healthy you can eat these types of food once a week but not more than that if you have a goal to get fit.

Here are 10 exercises for a full-body workout plan which help to make your body in shape and make tone it up.

If you follow these tips body exercise then I am sure that you get fit in less than 20 days but you have to this exercise daily.

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