top 10 healthy lifestyle tips|(evidenced-based tips)

Best healthy lifestyle tips

Hello, guys if you decide to talk a step toward to live a healthy lifestyle and you need basics that how to live your life healthily then don’t worry I am here I will tell you some best healthy lifestyle tips which help you to live freely and healthy this tips give you a direction to your goal to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s talk about some best healthy lifestyle tips

Eat healthy food

healthy lifestyle tips
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Healthy food is one of the common points regarding a healthy lifestyle it very useful for your skin, weight loss, hairs, brain, etc. we can say healthy food improves your overall health effectively.

Healthy food provides sufficient proteins, nutrition, vitamins which help to maintain your body functioning.

Some of the best healthy food is fruits, vegetables, meat, whole grains this food is simple and natural food to eat.

If you compare a person who eats healthy food and a person who eats unhealthy food then the health and lifestyle of a person how to eat healthy food is very systematic and focused.

If you eat healthy food then it reduces the chance of disease like obesity, diabetes, kidney stone, and others.

Try to eat mostly vegetables and fruits because it contains a lot of fibers, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats which is really important for your healthy life.

It also helps to maintain your body weight and if you are fat and want to lose weight then this healthy food really helps to lose weight.

Many researchers say if you eat healthily then it also improves our mood and nature and if you eat daily unhealthy food then your mood is a little bit depressed and also feels anger much time.

Healthy food provides your body with sufficient nutrients which also helps to improve your brain stability and make memory improve.


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I think you all know all the benefits of exercise here I will provide you with some best tips for you to follow a healthy lifestyle.

In adults, it is ok to do 1 hour of moderate training or exercise for a fit and healthy body.

There are so many benefits that it reduces heart risk, maintains weight, improves brain health, makes bones more strong and flexible, and more.

If you do exercise then it reduces the chance of early death due to exercise you live longer with fewer health issues.

It also relaxes your mind and helps to more functioning of your brain.

Daily exercise transfer more oxygen to your body cells to improve body overall functioning.

It also helps to improve your sleeping duration time.

Exercise also helps to improve your sex drive exercises is one of the best healthy lifestyle tips to follow to get more healthy and fit.

Some best exercise to do for a healthy life:

  1. Crunches
  2. Swimming
  3. Push-ups
  4. Squats
  5. Yoga
  6. Planks
  7. Walking
  • This is some very exercise to be healthy and fit.

Sleep well

healthy lifestyle tips
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Sleep is one of the most important factors regarding a healthy lifestyle.

7-8 hours of sleep daily is a very useful tip for your healthy life.

Sleep helps to maintain your body strength.

When you fall into sleep then your body starts recovering strength and make your mind relax.

Just sleeping is no purpose you have to get quality sleep.

It also helps to maintain your weight and reduce stress levels.

Whenever you feel steered than try to sleep it help to make your mood better and reduce stress.

Most important point is that it reduces many diseases.

Make a schedule to sleep an hour and avoid excuses for your sleep time.

It also improves your heart health and reduces the problem of blood pressure.

some other important healthy lifestyle tips to follow:


Mediation is the best way to live healthily it helps to understand use the self.

It makes your mind more focused and relaxed.

Meditation reduces stress which indirectly helps to live happily It improve your lifespan because it is not less than exercise.

If stress is in control then it was also beneficial for your mental health because due to excess stress there are be many anxiety problems that occur due to which your lifestyle stuck.

It improves your lifespan because it is not less than exercise.

It mainly helps to improve your mental health than physical health 1 hour of daily mediation is very effective for adults for a healthy lifestyle.

Meditation helps to increase memory power which helps to memories fast this is best for the student.

Mediation also helps to improve the sleeping capability of your mind.

Maintain your body weight

Your body weight defines your overall health if your body weight is perfect then your health is also good from inside and outside but if you are underweight or overweight then your body is not as healthy as that so try to maintain your weight.

If you have a healthy weight then it reduces the chances of diseases like cancer, sugar, better heart health, viral, and so on.

A person who has a healthy weight according to their height and body has a better sleep duration than the overweight or underweight person.

A healthy weight helps you to live a long life because your heart and brain health is very much better.

Calculate your BMI (body mass index) it gives you a perfect number that how much weights you have to be according to your body and your height.

If there is an unnatural weight gain or weight loss then please meet the doctor because it is also due to so many problems like thyroid and others.

One of the best ways to maintain weight is to do exercise and avoid unhealthy food it the best way to live a healthy lifestyle.

The best way to Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to keep your weight as per your body type and height that’s why I  already tell you in the tip that you have to calculate your body index mass to know how much weight you should actually have to live healthily.

Stay away from all bad factors

Here we are talking about all alcoholic products, drugs, and a cigarette because all components are very harmful to your body.

If you take all these components then it is not possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking alcohol is one most bad things for your health it affects your kidney, heart, liver, and most of your brain which is not good at all for the healthy life of anyone.

These factors give you many health problems that affect your lifestyle.

It makes you addicted to this due to which you do not give time to your family and workplace which affects you’re if due to which you always stay stressed and angry which indirectly affects you mentally that’s why drinking alcohol one of the worst thing to drink.

I think that I don’t have that what are disadvantages of taking drugs so directly I want to so if you are a druggist or alcoholic person that please avoid all these things to live a healthy lifestyle.

These are the most important tips for your healthy life from all of the above tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Focus on your skin health for a healthy lifestyle

Everyone in this generation first looks at your personality your looks and judge you this not the reason for which you have to take care of your skin but for a healthy life, you have to take care of your skin.

Always use a face wash to clean your face it helps to remove dust and impurities from your face. use face wash two times a day it helps to make your skin clear and young.

Wash your face with just mild water 2-3 times a day it makes your skin hydrated and makes your skin younger.

Use natural or homemade remedies for your skin like using Aloe Vera on your skin it helps to reduce pimples and dark spots on your skin and it also reduces tan from your skin and makes skin fair.

You can also use honey, potato, tomato for your skin to maintain its health.

Always try to wear full clothes that cover your body parts like face and hands it protect your skin from dust and impurities.

Always remove makeup completely from your face if you do not remove makeup daily then it causes pimples on your skin which makes your skin look bad.

Drink water

It seems to be a very simple tip but it is the most important and easy tip for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It really helps to detox all bad components from your body which is very useful for your intestine and kidney health.

Water also helps to improve brain function.

Try to drink 8-9 glasses of water per day it really effective tip to make your skin, hair, body healthy and fit.

Water also helps you to maintain weight and helps to maintain the water level in your body.

Your body made up of 70 percent water it is very important to maintain the water level in the body because water removes from your body in a way like sweat, urine, etc.

which is great to remove impurities from your body that’s why you have to maintain your water level.

water also increase your mood so drink water as your body limit i.e 7-8 glass a day for your healthy life.

Do what makes you happy

Anything which makes you laugh then do it first I thought you know that laughing is very effective for mental health.

Follow your hobbies because it helps to relax your mind and make your life more enjoyable full which helps you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Hangout with your family members or your friends.

Improve your mental health

Mental health is one of the most important things regarding your overall health and maintaining a healthy life.

Stay away from negative people who demotivate you to do anything which you want to do and make you think negative thoughts.

Take more rest and take less stress never take care of things too much which makes your life stuck.   

Avoid a hard work routine that makes you tired and stressed.

These are some basic and simple healthy lifestyle tips that help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle if you follow this tip than you live long happily.

I suppose that these 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle help you to achieve your health goal ok that sits best of luck and stay healthy stay fit.

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