Best weight loss challenge 30 days(expert advice)

The best weight loss challenge 30 days are planets for people who are looking for the right and healthy weight loss.

Healthy weight leads to so many issues with health, so it is better to lose excess weight loss or fat for your own goods.

In this weight loss challenge 30 days include a weight loss meal plan, exercise routine tips, and more.

That all tips we are going to discuss will definitely and focused on this plan to lose all excess fat.

Important points we are focusing on the weight loss challenge 30 days:

  • healthy fat loss
  • improve strength
  • gain muscles

Point to take in mind:

  • avoid injuries
  • avoid muscles loss
  • no starvation leads to weakness

Now let’s start this best weight loss in 30 days to get your ideal weight goal.

Weight loss challenge 30 days

You have to follow all these weight loss challenge 30 days without any break to achieve your goal on the journey.

Weight loss meal plan

weight loss challenge 30 days
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Most important tip if you want to follow weight loss in 30 days is that you have to eat healthily and prepare a proper caloric deficit diet.

You have to calculate the calories that you intake in your diet.

According to your weight, you have to eat.

You should have to include 4 meals that include high protein to increase muscle gain and prevent muscle loss.

Weight loss meal plan should be low in calories, carbs, and fats.

Your four weight loss meal plan should have:

Breakfast: 1:boiled eggs

                  2:cup of green tea

                  3:two slice of brown bread with no oil fried paneer 

Lunch: 1:Any sabzi with low oil and masala

             2:two plan chapati(no oil)

             3:one apple

Try to drink 2 glasses of water after each weight loss meal plan, that helps to fulfill your stomach and avoid overeating.

Mid-evening meal: 1: a cup of channa and nuts

                               2:cup of daal

                               3: a cup of yogurt

This meal is an important one to fill up and also increase protein intake in a weight loss meal plan.

Dinner :1:three chapati 

             2:cup of daal

             3:bowl of vegetable (of your choice)

You can eat food like vegetables, fruits, chicken, eggs, etc.

This is a simple meal plan for weight loss that is low in calories and high in protein and low in carbs, fat.

You can eat vegetables or sabzi as per your needs but take in mind and make it with low oil or use olive oil instead of less masala all in small points will help you more to achieve your goal.

exercise/gym workout

weight loss challenge in 30 days
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This is the second important tip if you want to do weight loss in 30 days.

Weight loss is all about how much calories you eat and how much calories you burn.

Formula method: 

calories intake- calories burn= weight loss

The workout should be for 6 days and one day rest.

Monday: chest day

Tuesday: shoulder day

Wednesday: biceps/triceps

Thursday: legs

Friday: chest day

Saturday: shoulder

Sunday: rest day

With this gym exercise routine, you should include cardio.

In any case, you can’t go to the gym for a reason.

You can do full body instance workout like:
  • Jumping jacks
  • Burpees
  • Squats
  • push-ups(incline/knee push-ups)
  • Cobra stretch
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Burpees 
  • Skipping rope

And there are so many other exercises that help you to open up your body and get healthy.

But one great suggestion to join a gym because it helps to burn more calories and so increase to build each muscle in the body to get muscles and a healthy body.

It is important to maintain muscle mass and to improve strength.

So try to hit up and do a great workout to burn more calories and hit up weight loss in 30 days to get your goal on your path.


weight loss challenge
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More important to concentrate on burning fat you have to concentrate on cardio.

Try to burn as per your body strength and stamina to pull up to burn lots of calories.

Cardio is the best way to heat up your body and that leads to burning so many calories in a short period of time.

If you can’t do so like running stuff because of your weight then try to hit a walking goal.

Walking is also a great form of cardio that is easy and great to burn up calories.

Make a target to walk more than 25000 steps to get on to weight loss challenge 30 days and get fit and healthy.

Dispute it in two parts like a morning walk you have to walk 13000 steps and at evening remind steps.

Trust me, 25000 steps seem too much but it’s not and this tip is so great for your weight loss in 30 days.


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If you want to gain all benefits and do healthy weight loss then rest/sleep is a very important factor in this weight loss challenge 30 days.

Lack of sleep can affect your body in so many ways because your body reacts as per rest reason is that body and mind too need to reboot to start again and accept changes in your body.

Also according to so much research, lack of sleep leads to an increased chance of diseases and obesity by several percent in all age groups.

So try to complete sleep and make proper sleep patterns to get gains to achieve weight loss in 30 days.

Take 7-8 hours of sleep to have a great and healthy mind to get on track to lose weight effectively.

Avoid unhealthy food

Junk food or unhealthy food is one of the most pointed ways that tend to increase weight.

Because junk food contains so many calories, oil, carbs, sugar and is full of fat that can make you fat and gain weight.

One of the worst points about junk food or unhealthy food is that this food doesn’t fill up your stomach.

some unhealthy food list like pizza, burgers, sweets, cold coffee, sandwiches, and more are so delicious that’s why we eat this stuff for fun. They don’t even fill your stomach at all.

So try to replace unhealthy food with healthy food and get lean and healthy.

As compared to normal flatbread or chapati and pizza or sandwich conation twice the amount of calories, fat, and carbs.

So choose your food bravely on your Weight loss challenge 30 days to stay healthy and stay fit.


So it is difficult to avoid unhealthy or delicious food so that is why we have a cheat day to eat all the stuff you want to eat in this weight loss challenge in 30 days. 

But take in mind don’t eat too much food because this is a cheat day.

If you eat too much sugar or high-fat food then you have to eliminate it from your body the next day so try to eat in a limited way to avoid some extra work.

Plan your Weight loss meal plan properly to get results soon and get to your ideal weight.

Some other tips for weight loss challenge in 30 days

Maintain calories 

Weight loss is all about calories you eat and calories you burn, to burn fat, and lose weight.

As we talked already a formula for weight loss is:

calories intake- calories burn= weight loss

Choose your Weight loss meal plan properly and count how many calories you intake, track your protein, and carbs too to make your weight loss plan a little easy.

Try to count how many calories you eat by inputting each food in food tracking apps to get accurate tracking.

Try to burn 100 more calories than you eat that will help you to burn extra calories and your body eliminate extra fat from the body.

Concentrate on liquid

Drinking more water at least 8-9 glasses of water is necessary for the human body to stay healthy and fit.

Water helps to detox your body that has been stored in your body as waste, also water has zero calories, and tries to drink 1 glass of water before every meal to get full and these will help from overeating calories.

You can replace water with all coke and other beverages that is a great way to cut back added sugar in your body and prevent weight loss.

Other benefits of drinking water are that it helps to make your gut health better, improves skin and hair health, removes toxins from the body, and makes hair healthy.

Meet medical experts

If you have any medical issues like heart problems, kidney issues, or any other health issue it is important to get a consult with medical experts to make this weight loss challenge in 30 days much easier and safe way.

Because in this weight loss challenge 30 days we have to change the weight loss meal plan and also include some of the exercises that are intense.

Medical experts or doctors give you all good details about what you can do, like what you have to avoid, what to do, how much did you eat, and more stuff.

This is my humble request please consult a doctor before starting this weight loss challenge in 30 days.

Hit protein goal

Protein is necessary for the body to gain muscle mass and get stronger.

During weight loss, your body removes excess fat but this body also removes some of the muscle mass that is not good because losing muscle mass also reduces your strength.

Your goal is to lose weight in a healthy way like lose excess fat from the body and increase muscle mass to get a muscular body.

Your body needs up to 0.8 grams of protein as per kg of body weight to gain muscle mass and avoid muscle loss.

So try to hit your protein goal to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Benefits you gain by if you follow this Weight loss challenge 30 days 

  • At the end of this weight loss journey, you get lean and fit
  • Increase strength and power
  • Improve stamina 
  • Gain more muscles and lose extra fat 
  • This Meal plan for weight loss make your habit to eat healthily
  • Improve your mental strength
  • Make you more dedicated to achieving goals
  • Improve mental strength and stability

There are some benefits that you can gain if you follow this challenge and you will definitely do healthy Weight loss in 30 days.

End line:

Here are tips that are effective Weight loss challenges 30 days you just have to keep going and work hard on your goal to lose as much fat as you can.

All weight loss meal plan, rest, calories marinating are also very necessary to follow so please take your mind strong enough to not give up and stand on your word.

These all tips are research-based tips but I am not an expert advisor get-go and consult medical experts to get best knowledge about your body knowledge.

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