Best 7 days diet plan for weight loss(Indian based)

Weight loss diet plan

There are so many ways to lose weight but one of the best ways to lose weight is diet.

here I will suggest your best diet plan for weight loss(Indian diet) or tips to maintain a healthy diet plan.

Indian food is mostly spices and oil-based food but amazing to eat but due to continuous eating of this kind of food obesity rate of Indian increases a little bit faster not just because of spicey food but also due to the addition of processed food in peoples diet.

and due to a heavy work routine, you did not get time for exercise or workout,s and your weight increase in an irregular manner.

but don’t worry I will suggest some amazing diet plans for weight loss which definitely helps you to lose weight very fast but you have to follow these healthy diet tips at least for a month with daily exercise.

diet plan for weight loss
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You have to know that weight loss becomes very simple if you concentrate more on the diet(balanced diet for a week or month) than another following thing regarding weight loss.

In weight loss journey diet is 70% important exercise 20% and the other thing is 10% regarding weight loss journey.

You have to give diet as no one parity for fast and easy and fast weight loss.

The best food for weight loss diet plan

Fruits: fruits like papaya, orange, pomegranate, pears are low calories but high in proteins and minerals

Vegetables: cauliflower, eggplant, okra, tomatoes, etc.

Vegetables very healthy and useful for weight loss.

Eat protein-rich foods: yogurt, nuts, fish and more.

What to avoid to follow a healthy diet plan for weight loss

The food which contains high sugar, soda, spicy food, junk food- chips, pasta, pizza and more are really unhealthy for your health and it is also not good regarding weight loss.

Balanced Diet plan for weight loss for a week

The first day (Monday):

Breakfast: 2 eggs whites, 1 apple, low-fat milk (1 glass).

You can eat any fruit which includes low fat and high water conception. 

Lunch: Two whole-grain chapatti with 1 bowl dal (low oil and low spices).

Use a small bowl to eat for any type of food and eat slowly and chew properly.     

Dinner: fresh vegetable salad, 1 bowl low-fat curd, 1 glass of any type of detox juices.

You can drink hot water which includes ginger and half lemon juice.

The second day (Tuesday):

Breakfast: 2 Idli with a small bowl of sambar.

Drink max water you should drink after breakfast it feels fuller in your stomach.         

Lunch: small Chana dal and a small bowl of brown rice.    

Dinner: tofu curry and the big bowl of boiled sprouts.

The third day (Wednesday):

Breakfast: 1 bowl yogurt with Dalia.

Always use low-fat yogurt and low spice food.

Lunch: a big bowl of tomato soup with small bowl salad.

You should also use paneer pieces in a salad recipe.

Dinner: masala rice with tomato soup.

Fourth day (Thursday):   

Breakfast: 1 pomegranate with small papaya sliced.

Lunch: 1 Gobi paratha with a small bowl of salad.

Dinner: paneer sabji and half bowl brown rice.

Fifth day (Friday):

Breakfast: fruit salad with a small glass of milk.

Lunch: whole grain roti with curry.

Dinner: tofu curry with a big bowl of sprouts.       

Sixth day (Saturday):       

Breakfast: small bowl poha with 1 apple.

Lunch: soup with whole-grain chapatti is the best diet.

Dinner: masala rice with vegetable soup.

Seventh-day (Sunday):    

Breakfast: yogurt with 1 apple.

Lunch: 1 spinach paratha with yellow dal.

Dinner: Chana sabji with whole-grain chapatti.

Here is the weekly diet plan for weight loss for you but you have to follow these tips for at least a month with little exercise because in your weight loss journey you have to burn calories what you eat(balanced diet) from this your weight going to lose weight fast.

This is one of the best healthy balanced diet plans I provided you but you have to understand some other thing regarding weight loss.
  • Always drink water try to drink 8-9 glasses of water per day.
  • Drink detox juices with help to make your boy clean from inside.
  • Try to burn calories you can make a daily goal to burn at least 2000 calories one day.
  • Try to walk 10000 steps per day.
  • Avoid sugary drinks.
  • Concentrate more on liquid more than food.
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours because your brain required rest to accept the change.
  • Exercise and yoga are some of the best weight loss tips for you.
  • It is all about what to eat and what do you do for weight loss but rather than that what you have to avoid things is more important than all weight loss tips regarding diet.
Food to avoid a balanced diet:

High sugar food: ice-cream, biscuits chocolate, sugar, donate.

Fatty food: bread, roti pasta.

Food made up of oil.

Spicy food.

This food you should have to avoid during your weight loss journey otherwise it will be okay but if you want a healthy body then this food you have to avoid.

But you can eat these food ones in a week.

This is all if you follow this balanced diet plan for weight loss then you’re definitely going lose weight but you should also keep in mind that “calories science” what you take and how you burn rather than that this simple diet plan is very effective and helpful to lose weight.

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