Fastest ways to get dimples

Fastest ways to get dimples

Dimples are small folds that are present in your cheeks.

Have you ever wondered how dimple forms? Dimples are formed because of muscle deformity. And when you smile muscle gets pulled and thus we can see dimples when you smile.

Usually, dimples are hereditary and for children whose parents have dimples, there is a very high chance to have dimples.

Furthermore, it is not feasible to get dimples naturally and permanently. One can undergo surgery to get permanent dimples.

But, if you don’t wanna get surgery and want to get a dimple you can follow the given exercise to have a dimple.

How to get dimples?

Dimple Girl

Dimples are the deviation of the muscle hollow in the cheek generally when you are smiling but it can also be seen while you are not smiling in rare cases.

Some people might have dimples on both cheeks and others in only one. Babys are likely to have dimples because of the baby fat in their cheeks.

As people grow older they lose their baby fat along with it they also lose their dimples.

Here we provide you with some of the tips to get dimples without undergoing surgery.

Use makeup to create an illusion

You can use makeup to create an illusion of dimples by using bronzer and brown eyeshadow on the spot where you want a dimple.

Dimple Piercing

You can also prefer piercing to get a temporary dimple without surgery. Do not try to do piercing by yourself at home since it is quite risky.  Always prefer professional while piercing.

Use pencil not on the sharpened side but on the other side


The backside of the pencil or the pen is used to make hollows on the cheeks at regular intervals. This will help your cheeks to make hollow at that place and leaves you with a perfect dimple.

How to get dimples using a pen cap?

Pen Cap

You can get dimple using a pen cap by pressing on the cheek from the outside and at the same time, you must suck on your cheek from the inside.

Using a bottle cap

Bottle Caps

First, you must wash a bottle cap and keep it clean. You can prefer both metal and plastic bottle caps. Generally, metal bottle caps are more shallow and produce more subtle. It gives more natural-looking fake dimples.

Plastic bottle caps come in several sizes and you can prefer plastic bottle caps if you want more enlarged dimples. You can use a soda bottle cap, it is likely to be the deepest type.

Before placing these caps in your mouth you should soak them in a solution of 1 tablespoon salt and 250 ml water. Afterward, you can place it in your mouth rinse it, and dry it.

Place the cap inside your mouth and secure it in between your teen and cheeks facing towards the cheeks, not the teeth. Furthermore, press the cap from the outside while sucking it from the inside.

Your cheek will stamp on itself because of the open space on the cap. You can get it done if it produces a small noise due to suction.

These procedures might not work when you are in front of someone but can create an illusion while clicking pictures.

How to get permanent dimples?

Girl Dimple

In several cultures, dimples are considered a mark of beauty. In the year 1938, Isabella Gilbert invented the simple machine that would give you a perfect neat dimple.

Talking about how to get a permanent dimple, the only way to get permanent dimples is to get surgery or get dimple piercings.

Both of these two options should be performed by experts since it has risk. Do not perform these operations at home.

How do get dimples with ice?


There are many ways to get dimples and one of the easiest ways to get one is by using ice packs. Generally, the cold air responds to fat quickly and results in more pronounced dimples.

Fat freezing is the process in which fat tissues are killed when it is exposed to freezing temperature. This phenomenon might be the reason behind children getting dimples when they have popsicles. Not only that but even ice packs and cold air have the same effect.

This phenomenon is known as “popsicle panniculitis.” If you are thinking of trying this strange phenomenon hold yourself since it is not easy to get dimples by sucking popsicles.

Can we get dimples by exercises?

There are exercises that can give you dimples that you have always dreamed of. These exercises don’t need surgery and can give you dimples on your cheeks.

Here are some of the exercises to get dimples but since it is not scientifically proven, you can quit if it did not work out.

Suck your cheeks in and pucker your lips

Suck your cheeks and make hollow cheeks daily for 10 minutes. This remedy is not proven scientifically but by vague. Thus, it is also not guaranteed if it works or not. If you are confused about what this expression actually looks like you can try having something sour, the natural expression while having sour things is the exercise it is trying to imitate.

Press your cheeks with your index finger

You have to locate your indentation in the cheeks and hold it firmly using your index finger. And also keep your fingers fixed on the spot firmly. You can also prefer using a thumb and the round side of the pencil if you feel more comfortable with it.

Reposition your fingers while smiling

Try to ease your expression and give a wide grin placing your fingers in the same place. As dimples generally appear when you have a wide smile so, your smile should be wide and open-mouthed. Talking about the placement of the finger, you have to place it at the end of your smile where a dimple naturally occurs.

Press with your finger in the same place for 30 minutes

In order to get dimples last longer, you must hold your indentations with your finger for at least 30 minutes. You can also hold it for a longer time to increase the possibility of getting one.

Repeat the above tips daily

You have to continue doing all these exercises for 30 minutes daily. If this method doesn’t work for you, you can move on since these techniques are not supported and proved scientifically.

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