8 Science-based Health Benefits of coconut water

Health Benefits of coconut water- Advantages of coconut water

As we all coconut water is a very amazing beverage for your body and mind.  It is very popular in the southside area as a daily beverage according to people that the benefits of coconut water are endless if you take it daily.

 Coconut water is refreshing, tasty, and also has great health benefits regarding your health.

Coconut water contains lots of nutrients and minerals which people don’t get from another food resource.

Here I will tell you some amazing benefits of coconut water and coconut water nutrition:

Health Benefits of coconut water
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Best sport drink

Coconut water has natural electrolytes that make coconut water a perfect sports drink.

Other like other sports drinks or energy drinks coconut water does not contain added colures, added sugar, and other unnatural components that are used to make sports drinking tasty but coconut water is very healthy and natural.

It is best to drink if you are a sports player because it makes you hydrated which is very useful because during exercise or playing sports your body eliminates much water in the form of sweat.

If you drink a full coconut then it makes your body hydrated for a long time and also provides you a good amount of energy to be in a game.

Also, it contains very fewer carbohydrates as compared to classic sports drinks which are good for your health.

Fewer calories

Coconut water contains very few noes of calories as compared to other sports drinks, soda, or any juice.

A cup contains 45-50 calories and also it contains very few carbohydrates and less sugar which makes coconut water a perfect drink to drink.

Rather than that, it has more electrolytes like potassium and sodium but however, it cannot as good as water sip during exercise but not bad as compared to water.

Coconut water nutrition           

Coconut water is an amazing drink it contains 90% water and has very less amount of fat.

It takes at least 10- 12 months to grow fully mature. A small coconut contains 0.5-1 cup of water which is an amazing drink to full your stomach and also provide a good amount of nutrition.

Nutritional values in coconut water:

  • Protein: 10 gram
  • Crabs: 9 grams
  • Fibers: 4 grams
  • Magnesium: 15 percent
  • Potassium: 17 percent
  • Sodium: 12%
  • Calcium: 6 Percent

Help to reduce blood pressure

According to research coconut water is very amazing to control blood pressure.

Many types of research show people how to drink coconut water may help to control systolic blood pressure.

It helps to improve potassium county by about 600 mg and potassium help to lower the blood pressure according to small researches. It also helps to lower the risk of blood clots that form in arteries.


It contains a good amount of antioxidants which is great to reduce oxidative stress and also free cramps or radicals form during exercise.

Coconut water nutrition for weight loss

It is very useful to lose weight because it has a low amount of fat and carbohydrate. Also, full your stomach if you drink it before a meal, and also it has only 45 calories per cup.

Good for digestion

Much research shows that coconut water help to digest food better by flushing unnatural toxins from your body.

I think you may know that coconut has a good amount of concentrated fiber and fiber is good to digest food, and also reduce acidity problem.

 benefits of coconut water for kidney stone

it has so many health benefits as we talk about because of the nutritional value of coconut water but many of you don’t know that it has the capacity to deal with kidney stones according to many researchers. One of the greatest ways to prevent kidney stones is to drink more quantities of water daily.

Just water is enough to remove or flush out stone but according to many people and experts, coconut water is also a good choice to deal with a kidney stone.

Kidney stones form due to the combining of oxalates, calcium, and other components in your urine. Which forms a stone in your kidney and which is really painful and bad for your health.

Coconut water helps to lower the free radical production which is responsible to form a higher level of oxalate In urine.

Remember according to small studies it has shown that coconut water may help to remove stone but ut need more research on this topic proper care should have to take during stone formation.


Coconut water is an amazing and delicious source of nutrients which is very useful for your health.

It may have so many benefits to your kidney, heart or sugar and much more but you have to drink it at least 3 times a week if you follow a strict healthy diet and routine.

But much more research should have to be done by researchers to confirm all these amazing qualities of coconut water. But although it is more beneficial than other soft drinks and sports energy drinks.

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