How to gain weight in a week|9 experts suggested tips

how to gain weight in a week

Hello and welcome to this blog if you are visiting this blog then you definitely want to know how to gain weight in a week fast than you came to the right place.

If you want to gain weight than you have some reason behind that like to look handsome or for bodybuilding, or just want a healthy body  I can understand that a muscular body defines your personality.

These tips are for everyone it may be boys or girls.

here I will suggest you some best and effective tips that help you to gain weight in 1 month fast and naturally. let’s start

First, we understand what is underweight and overweight this is important to understand for weight maintenance.

This is really important if you want to know how to gain weight in a week.

how to gain weight in a week
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Underweight or overweight is depends on body mass index(BMI) which is calculated by

BMI=WEIGHT(KG)/HEIGHT^2(M^2). If your BMI is less than 18.5 than it considers as underweight and if your BMI is more than 30 than it is considered as obese and greater than 25 is considered as overweight.

Now you are thinking that why should we are talking about BMI. this is because first, you should have to calculate your body mass index this gives you the goal that how much weight you have to gain.

Now I think that you will understand how to calculate body mass index and the purpose of body mass index.

Now let’s talk about the best tips to gain weight fast and in less time

Foods to gain weight in 1 week fast

I will tell you some best nutrient food that will help you to gain weight safely and quickly


chicken-how to gain weight in a week
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  • chicken is one of the best and tasty ways to gain weight fast.
  • Chicken is always best to gain weight because it has low fat which is good for weight gain.
  • points to be noted that it contains saturated fast. which is good fat for your health.
  • The best thing about chicken is that it is rich in protein and it is full of phosphorous and calcium and other important nutrition.
  • Chicken really helps to build muscles which indirectly mean gain some weight.
  • eat boiled chicken or grilled chicken.
  • Never eat fried chicken because it contains a lot of oil which is not good for your overall health.
  • oil is not bad but it has some elements which are not good for your health.
  • Try to eat mostly chicken breast than other parts because chicken breast contains a lot of good elements than other parts.
  • eating chicken by changing your cooking technique to increase some calories count in your recipe by adding some extra things in it.


milk-gain weigh fast
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  • There is a goal to gain weight in 1 month than you have to add more calories.
  • milk is the best source of good fats and it is also calorie-rich.
  • Milk contains a lot of nutrition. which really helps to gain weight.
  • a cup of milk contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and good fats which helps to increase weight fast.
  • drink 1-2 glass of low-fat milk a day.
  • Milk is best for muscle building food and helps to gain weight.
  • A small glass of milk contains 130 calories.
  • which helps to increase a few calories. and more calories means more weight gain.


egg-how to lose weight in a month fast
  • You will familiar with all the benefits of an egg and the best source of protein, nutrients, and other good fats.
  • one boiled egg consists of at least 82 calories and 6 grams of protein.
  • an egg is the best food for weight gain because of there properties.
  • Some of the dairy products and high protein food made up of eggs are so beneficial for you to weight gain.
  • Always try to eat egg white not the yellowish part because the yellow part has lot cholesterol. which is not good for the heart and it increased cholesterol.
  • some food which is very basic for weight gain which helps you to gain weight in 1 month fast.

Protein supplements

protein supplement -how to gain weight in a month
  • I think that you all know about protein is the best way to increase weight.
  • the food you will eat contains a lot of protein but it has low contently as compares to protein supplements.
  • A protein supplement contains a lot of calories and high protein than a normal food diet that’s why protein supplements are good for gain weight a little bit fast.
  • you always eat protein supplements in the right quantity for your healthy weight gain.
  • Extra tip: please buy protein supplements with proper research and expert advice.

muscles training

weight -how to gain weight
  • Muscle mass is one of the best ways to increase weight.
  • Weight training is the best way for muscle building.
  • Some of the exercises like
  • Squats
  • crunches
  • pull-ups
  • planks
  • jumping jacks
  • weight machine is best because it increases muscle mass fast which helps to develop weight.
  • Lift weights dumbells, kettlebells it helps to build muscle.
  • extra tip- find a fitness freak partner that helps you with daily training.

Take good sleep

sleep-how to lose weight in 1 month fast
  • Sleep is the most important factor in all health conditions.
  • sleep at least 7-8 hours a day it is really helpful to increase the weight gain process.
  • People who sleep less than 6 hours have not much healthier condition than people who sleep more.
  • you do hard work or exercise than your body required rest because your body required recovery time to accept change for healthy weight gain.

Increase calories conception

calories- gain weight
  • Try to eat more calories you talk on regular days.
  • Eat 2-3 chapaties, big bows of rice, and dal which is also protein-rich and contains a little bit more calories.
  • if you have to lose weight then you have to burn more calories you can understand by this why more calories help to increase weight.
  • To increase weight fast eat a lot of carbs and fats.
  • eating 3-4 meals per day is very well for weight gain.
  • This feels bad ideas that eating a lot of carbs and fats are but it is very effective for increasing weight fast.
  • Never do fast during the period of increased weight.

Don’t drink water before you take a meal.

  • Drinking water before a meal than your stomach feels a little bit full so you will eat less and less eating means fewer calories conception.
  • But drink water many times a day is very useful for overall health.
  • water helps to detox your body. drink water after your meal helps with proper absorption of nutrition from food for healthy weight gain.

Avoid smoking

smoke-gain weight
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  • Smoking is bad for your overall health and it also affects your weight. You also notice the person who smokes has less weight than a person who does not smoke.
  • Due to smoking, your body’s metabolism became slow which effects on absorption of food which you eat.
  • It decreases the calorie absorption due to which you have fewer calories and burns overall a little bit more which refers slow weight gain process.

In a period of weight gain. You will understand that it is not an easy task you have to do or follow all the tips for at least two weeks for healthy and good weight gain.

If you want really to gain weight fast and effectively you should have to dedicate to your goal. And you should have to make a target for weight gain period than you definitely going to gain weight in a week with healthy and naturally.

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