How to Get a Bigger Bum Without Working Hard?

How to Get a Bigger Bum Without Working Hard?

Let’s face it:

Many people want a bigger bum without working hard on it. But it is not as easy as it seems.

Most of the women claimed to get the bigger bum due to their genetics.

However, booty workouts can help you get that peachy bum. Also, you could get all that with some simple hacks too.

Today, we will be providing you with some of the hacks to get a bigger bum without working hard.

#1 Get a good posture

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One of the most effective hacks to get the illusion of the toned and bigger bum is to have a good posture.

You need to straighten your shoulders and arch your back while standing or walking.

A good posture will not only make your butt look sexy, but also make your waist look slimmer and your chest more attractive.

Just imagine yourself as a model doing a catwalk with much confidence. To do so, imagine a straight line on the ground in front of you that is just below your navel, in the middle between the feet.

When you take a step, bring your foot a little closer to your body’s center, having it on that imaginary line.

Then, before the first stop, immediately stand on the same line as your second stop.

Now, continue walking in this direction, one foot in front of the other, and tighten your butt cheeks together.

#2 Wear the right clothes

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One’s choice of outfits can make them look good or bad. Even though it is more about posture and confidence, you can get the illusion of a bigger butt with the help of good outfits. 

Tight jeans with perfect length and pockets can give your butt a more round and raised shape. 

Also, you should wear outfits that make your waist look slimmer to get the illusion of a bigger butt.

Adding belts, corsets, can surely help to get the slimmer look of the waist.

#3 Maintain a Good Diet

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A good diet plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Just like that, to get a bigger perfect bum, you need to look out for a good diet.

Adding the foods that will naturally help you to get a bigger bum can be an effective way to get a peachy butt without exercising.

Some of the food choices are listed below:

 i) Nuts

Nuts such as almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, etc. are packed with nutrients and healthy fats.

Even though, a handful of nuts can be a calorie bomb, it will provide you the healthy fats and protein necessary for the growth of the butt.

ii) Dry Fruits

Just like nuts, dry fruits are often used as snacks despite the fact they are sugar bombs.

They also enhance butt growth with weight gain.

iii) Protein-source foods

There is a huge difference between a thick bum and a toned bum. Nowadays, many prefer a toned bum over a thick one due to the fact that a toned bum makes your body more attractive.

A toned booty can be grown through the muscles from protein-source foods. 

You can get muscle-building protein from foods and vegetables like meat, fish, tofu, broccoli, etc.

Also, there are several protein shakes and supplements available to get the necessary protein for muscle development.

However, heavy protein intake should be avoided as the body won’t be able to digest all of it and it can cause problems such as constipation, bloating, and more. 

So, be careful with your protein intake and get that ass bigger with the proper diet!

#4 Get some booty massages

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Many women claim to have a bigger bum from massages with essential oils like fish oil, coconut oil, gasoline, etc.

It is believed that massages on the butt result in better blood flow and moisture which shows the increase in the size of the butt.

You can try the massages on your butt for 10-15 minutes a day with essential oils to get the bigger butt.

#5 Intake of supplements for bigger size

There are several supplements available in the market for booty growth.

Supplements help booty growth as they increase the production of estrogen in the body which will heighten the growth of booty and breasts in women.

You can use supplements such as Bovine Ovary, Pueraria Mirific a, etc. to grow your booty without working hard in the gym.

#6 Butt Enhancers and underwear

Nowadays, many women, as well as trans people, use butt enhancers that will create the illusion of the bigger butt.

Those butt enhancers and underwear will give you the perfect peachy bum look making your body look more attractive and sexy.

Go grab some of them, walk with confidence and flaunt your sexy bum!

#7 Use butt-enhancing creams

People have a skeptical view of butt-enhancing creams. Many believe them to work and many claim them to completely fail.

However, if you are looking to get a bigger bum without working hard, you can go for this method.

These butt-enhancing creams plump the butt and give you a bigger look.

#8 Get surgery

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The last resort that comes with getting a bigger bum without working out is getting surgery to have one.

Butt surgeries are quite expensive and sometimes dangerous too. However, there is a saying that beauty comes with pain, so you can go through a little pain on your ass and wallet to get the perfect bum to flaunt.

If you have a good budget for the procedures, you can have the option of fat transfer or butt implants.

Fat transfer is temporary in nature as the fats transferred in your bum can dissolve and it will surely need to be redone from time to time.

It is more effective and on a safer side if you are ready to spend a good amount of cash for a perfect bum.

As for the butt implants, it is permanent, however, can be removed anytime as per the patient’s wish.

This method involves the placement of artificial silicone implants inside the butt tissues.

It needs to be done with a specialist’s consultation to avoid any danger in the future.


We hope that our takes on the methods to get a bigger bum without exercising have been useful to you. 

Desiring for something and working consistently for it are different things. You can’t have everything you wish for without showing any consistency. 

That’s why, to get the bigger bum in the future, you should follow the above hacks with some patience and consistency.

Always remember “Consistency is the key!”

What can I apply on my buttocks to make it bigger

Essential oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and fish oil are believed to lift, tighten, and also increase the size of the butt.

They have been used by women to get that desirable bigger bum.

You can always go for this remedy, however, you should be always careful what you put on or inside your body.

Every individual is different. So, the remedy may work for one and not for the other.

Also, it will be better to consult a specialist before jumping to any conclusion.

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