How to grow mustache fast?

How to grow mustache fast?

Growing a mustache is one of the beautiful ways to transform your look, but growing it or not is an individual’s decision.

Did you know till the 1930s, a mustache was one of the needed accessories in their wardrobe? Not only that it was mandatory for soldiers and was part of their uniform in some countries.

Furthermore, in India men grow a mustache to represent their masculinity and pride.

If you are searching for ways to grow a mustache or facial hair faster. Here we provide you with some tips that will help you increase your mustache faster and easier.

And also we will provide you with the best of the best way to grow your mustache and what to use and eat to grow your mustache faster.

How to grow a mustache fast?

Mustache Scaled

Normally, facial hair starts growing when you hit puberty.

Usually, the upper lip is one of the first places which show signs of facial hair.

Here are some of the tips to grow your mustache faster:

Firstly, you must finalize which type of mustache will suit you.

And start grooming it for your mustache to grow properly.

Furthermore, you must maintain hygiene and never allow yourself to grow your mustache in the wrong way. Always trim and shape your beard regularly.

Here are some tips to grow a mustache fast and thicker following an easy method at your home.

What to do to grow a mustache?

Here are some of the list to do which leads you to grow your mustache.

Don’t forget to clean your face regularly

Wash Face

Wash your face twice a day using mild soap or a gel also use warm water since it will help your skin to open your pores.

Maintain Good Hygiene 

Always maintain good hygiene and use herbal face wash which is less harmful than other chemical contaminated face wash. Poor Hygiene can clog your pores, not only that but it also leads to weak hair growth and lice infestation.

Always use the good trimmer


Always ensure to use the good quality trimmer. Using a trimmer that yanks or shears your hair in an unclean manner is not productive while trying to grow a mustache fast.

Comb Regularly

Always comb your mustache with a clean comb which leads to hair growth and also maintains cleanliness.

Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells


Often dead skin cells are layered in the skin which leads to blocking the fast hair growth. You must use good scrub at least twice a week and also make sure to use men’s exfoliating scrub which is for men.


Did you know massaging your facial skin will lead you to improve blood circulation and also increase the possibility of hair growth? Use a particular oil that will help your hair to grow.

Rest well

Taking a rest will help your body to grow in a proper way. Especially for teenagers, it is a must to grow your body.

Here we provide you with a list of the products to use to grow a mustache.

Be patient

The average rate of facial hair growth is half an inch. Every man experience once in a time that their mustache isn’t growing.

Hence, be patient and make sure to follow all the above steps to grow your mustache faster.

What to use to grow a mustache?

We all know that hair needs protein to grow. Nourishing your hair in the correct way will help you to solve the query of growing your mustache faster and thicker.

Hair Products

Mustache Wax

Using good hair products that suit you makes a huge difference while growing a mustache. Beard oil and mustache wax play their roles in growing a mustache respectively.

Using Eucalyptus


You have to make sure to choose a proper moisturizer for your face. Ensure to use a moisturizer and a cream that contains eucalyptus as one of its ingredients. Eucalyptus is one of the factors which helps your skin to maintain moisture and and stay hydrated also removes dry and rough patches.

Beard Oil

Generally, mustache hair is thick and also bristly in nature. Also irritates your skin when it gets too dry. Applying a few drops of beard oil will help you to keep your beard soft. Once it will relax your mustache, it will also make it easy for you to style it.

Beard Oil Scaled

What to eat to grow a mustache fast?

One of the most to grow a mustache fast and thicker is to have a properly balanced diet. You always have to make sure to include essential minerals and vitamin which is rich in your diet.

Ensure to include a mix of fruits and vegetables and also meat to get all the nutrition that is needed to grow a mustache.


Including proper supplementation of protein in your regular diet can help you grow a thicker mustache. Generally, protein provides keratin for optimal hair growth. Some of the sources of proteins are dairy products, pulses, cereals, eggs, and many more.

Take an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins

Apart from protein vitamin C also helps you with hair growth. Including 1000mg of vitamin in your daily diet will grow your hair thicker. Some of the good sources of vitamin C are Indian gooseberry, citrus fruit, strawberry, and many more. Not having vitamins B1, B6, and B12 will longitude your time to grow a mustache.


How long to grow a mustache?

The average rate of facial hair growth is half an inch. Usually, it takes over 2 to 3 months for the mustache to grow into eminent.

You can also grow your mustache along with your beard and later go with only a mustache.

What is the best way to grow a mustache?

The best way to grow a mustache thicker and faster are listed below:

  • Don’t trim your beard
  • Find and follow which care routine is suitable for you
  • Brush and comb your beard every day with the help of a clean brush
  • Use beard oil and beard dry oil early
  • Also, choose the best food to eat with your beard and mustache
  • Track your progress

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