How to remove nose hair

How to remove nose hair

Nose hair plays a very important role in our human body as a defense system. It helps to filter out foreign particles.

Furthermore, it also helps to maintain moisture in the air we breathe and also helps to kick harmful particles out of our human body.

Though nose hair plays important role in our human body nobody likes it coming out from the bottom of the nostrils.

Here we provide you with some of the ways to remove your nose hair.

How to remove nose hair?

Here are some of the ways to remove your nose hair safely. But before getting into let’s quickly take a look at some of the things that you must know while removing your nose hair.

  • Trimmers and grooming scissors are the best things you can use to remove nose hair
  • Avoid using wax and also tweezers for removing nose hair since it has great risk.
  • And lastly, since nose hair plays an important role in filtering foreign particles, it must not be removed completely.

Using nose trimmer

Nose trimmers are made in such a way that they can fit into nostrils without damaging the tissue.

There are some the options under nose trimmer such as:

  • Electric trimmer
  • Manual trimmer
  • Grooming scissor

Electric trimmer

On the other hand, electric nose trimmers are handy that have small rotating cutting blades. Since blades are fitted in plastic or metal protection that will help protect the skin from being cut. Electric trimmers are easy to use while trimming your nose hair. You only have to keep the tip of the trimmer near your nostril and you are done with trimming. All the work is done by the electric trimmers spinning blades.

Manual trimmer

Generally, manual nose trimmers are small scissors made with rounded and blunt ends which will prevent your nostril from being hurt. It works with twists and turns of your hands. Although, the manual trimmer is quite more work than the electric trimmer it does not need any kind of experience to use it.

Grooming scissor

Scissor Scaled

Always choose the best grooming scissors for trimming your nose hair. Ensure to get the one with round tips so that can be easy and also safe to use. It’s one of the cheap nose trimmers but makes sure to clean it before and after you use it to prevent germs from entering your body.

How to trim your nose hair with the help of a nose trimmer?

  • Take a mirror and place it where you are comfortable trimming your nose hair
  • The next step you do is to clean your nostril and get rid of mucus if there is any
  • Lean your head back while trimming since it will make more clear visibility
  • Ensure to place your trimmer close to your skin and only trim the most visible hair
  • Avoid using water for cleaning after trimming it rather try blowing it for few times

The hair will grow back after a few days. It is one of the easiest and fastest solutions not permanent.

How to remove nose hair permanently?

Here is the way to remove nose hair permanently.

Laser hair removal method

Laser hair removal is another safe option for removing your nose hair after a nose trimmer. Laser hair removal means removing your body hair permanently. It is an expensive method and though health insurance will not cover the cost of it some doctors and hospitals do provide a plan to cover the expenses over time.

The method might also hurt mucous membranes inside the nasal cavity. While using a laser treatment you must know that it will only remove the most visible hair around the edge of your nostrils. This will help you to look clean since it will make your nose hair short and less noticeable and also prevent your long hair from popping out of your nostril.

Usually, people who decide to take laser hair removal treatment will take at least six-session to completely remove nose hair from growing. If you are planning to take the laser hair removal method to remove your nose hair ensure to only go to a certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist because the nose is one of the most difficult places to use lasers.

How to remove nose hair for females?

The procedure for removing nose hair for both females and males is the same. You can follow the above steps and use all the things that are mentioned above while removing nose hair. Apart from these, you can also use a buzzer for removing nose hair.

Use buzzer

Electric buzzers are similar to trimming and are easy to use and safe for removing your nostril hair. It is the quicker method for removing nose hair that is popping out from your nostrils rather than trimming with scissors. You can get buzzers of different brands in the market which are designed for women.

Here are the things which you should not use to remove your nose hair.


Avoid using wax for removing your nose hair because it can damage the tissue of your nostrils and also can lead to infection.

Don’t use tweezers because it is extremely painful and unsafe for removing your nose hair.

Avoid using pointed scissors: You should not use pointed scissors because the pointed side of the scissor can hurt the delicate mucous membranes present inside your nostrils. It will also cause pain and infection in your nose.

Don’t use removal cream in your nostril because it is harmful and contains several chemicals. These creams also burn mucous membranes and skin which are delicate. Not only that but it might also produce toxic fumes.


  • For nose hair removal, a nose trimmer and laser hair removal are the safe and easiest option.
  • One of the cheapest ways to remove your nose hair is trimming but you have to repeat it each time your nose hair grows back.
  • If you want to remove your nose hair permanently you can choose to have a laser hair removal treatment from a certified surgeon or dermatologist.

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