What is anxiety disorder|its causes and symptoms by experts

What is anxiety disorder

We are talking that what is an anxiety disorder. Anxiety problem is a common problem nowadays all over the world.

If any person suffers from any anxiety problem then he or she feels some nervousness during doing any work like driving and also feels distribute in the front crowd and all that let’s talk about some other thing regarding anxiety.

what is anxiety disorder
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There are so many different problems with this for different people.

If you are suffering from an anxiety problem then you feel fear and feels like a problem coming to you and your heart beats fast other disturbing problem happens.

Let’s talk about some problem if you have an anxiety problem.

  • An anxious person feels nervousness badly he does not understand what to do and gets so tense.
  •  A person who suffers from the problem of anxiety gets an anger problem.
  •  if anything happens that feels uncomfortable then his or her heart rate increase fast and then rapid breathing starts.
  • Most of the time when you feel fear or get nervous than you start sweating mostly on your hands you feel the sweat.
  •  The most common problem in anxiety problem is difficulty in sleeping.
  •  A person with anxiety has many other anxieties.
  •  It feels difficult in concentrating.
  •  Social fear: It is also the most common problem you feel tense and difficulty speaking socially.
  •  A person who suffers from anxiety always worries about something.
  •  Forex: door lock, switches on or off, exam fear.
  • Phobia in this, the person has fear of something like accident, animal, situational and so many.

The person with anxiety always feels uncomfortable while doing any work like math problems, filling forms or documents, doing any work the first time, etc.

while fighting these types of problems firstly you have to be strong to overcome all these problems and please do not worry this is a very common problem worldwide to many problems.

The person mostly feels out of their emotions for example anger, fear, sadness, etc.

anxiety disorder- what is anxiety disorder
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Types of anxiety disorders :

1. Panic attack:- people who suffered from the panic attack has very intense behavior and always feel uncomfortable and bad and get panic easily.

2. OCD:- OCD refers to an obsessive-compulsive disorder in this the person suffering from OCD has a repetitive problem which can repeat some think like a switch off or switch on buttons checking a door lock number of times and fear of germs that’s why a person can wash hands multiple time many another thing like that.

3. GAD: -A generalized anxiety disorder in this type of disorder people can suffer from disturb lifestyle and always worried about something.

4. Social anxiety:- social and anxiety is a problem in which a person has a problem to speak before a crowd or a bunch of people feel embarrassed and lack confidence.

Even in small situations like eating before public running before public walking in the crowd etc.

5: Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD):- the person suffers from BDD think about his look or appearance or we can say abolish physical appearance.

What are the causes of anxiety disorder?

According to expert, these are some common causes of anxiety disorders as follow:

  • Brain pattern or structure.
  • Sometimes it depends on brain structure there may have some change in an area of your brain that indicates emotions cause anxiety disorders.
  • Yours are thinking that it is bad but not at all anything to worry many people have different brain structures.
  • The biggest example is Albert Einstein how has the same problem and sees he change the world through his hard work and dedication.
  • Nowadays it is very common you should not have to worry about all that keep concentrate on what you are doing in your life and enjoy your life happily.

It may be genetic

  • Yes, it may because due to genetic transformation from parents to the child.
  • for example, if your grandfather suffers from an anxiety problem but your father or your mother does not suffer from anxiety problem but you have some anxiety problems of anxiety disorder.
  • the genes pass from your grandfather to your father to you that why you may have an anxiety disorder.

Activities in your daily life.

  • Problems that occur in your life which distributes you or we can say which affects your mental health may cause anxiety problems.
  • Is the biggest problem of anxiety disorder problem.
  • This mostly occurs in teenagers or at a young age.
  • For example study stress, take stress, extreme work, love depression, abuse, and mental torcher.

How to manage if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder anxiety self-help tips:

  • Stay away from bad environments I mean to say anything which distributes you mentally or physically.
  • Get good sleep: If you do not sleep or you have a sleeping disorder then at least keep your mind cool and rest your mind.
  • It helps to stay cools your mind and recover your mental health.
  • Eat well do not eat food like alcohol, oily food, do not smoke. stay away from all food which is bad for your health.
  • Do exercise daily or yoga it helps to relax your body and also stay your body active and fresh.
  • The best way to overcome this problem is to meet the doctor and he will provide you all the important and useful treatments that help to avoid or fight anxiety problems. 
  • If you want to eliminate any problems then you have to follow all the tips given above or the best methods are to meet a doctor or psychotherapist for proper treatment of anxiety disorder.
  • The person who suffers from anxiety has self-control and self-management to maintain your mental health.
  • These are some basic tips to handle anxiety self-help.

I think this is all detailed information for your question that what is an anxiety disorder which you want to know.

It seems to be filmy but you have to fight with yourself to overcome anxiety disorder above all the tips are very helpful for you to know what problems from which you suffer.

At last, I want to say that enjoy our life and stay healthy and fit physically as well as mentally. And I think you get the answer to your question that what is an anxiety disorder, causes of anxiety disorder and all that which is good to know to understand better this anxiety in detail.

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