what is Asthma- Asthma symptoms, causes, and treatment

 what is Asthma

Asthma disease that is belongs to the respiratory organ that is the lungs. In which there is a problem during breathing.

During asthma, there are many other allergies like emotional stress, irritation, and some other common effects.

Asthma causes due inside the bronchial tube which became inflamed and swallows. The bronchial tube is a small balloon-like structure inside the lungs that exchange oxygen which we take to live.

But due to some problems with bronchial tube problems like asthma develops in many peoples.

Asthma generally starts from childhood and affect to all type of age groups.

Till now there is no cure for this kind of lung disease but it is possible to control some type of asthma symptoms by taking care of some medications.

In this article, we are going to learn all that what is asthma, asthma symptoms, and asthma treatments.

Asthma affects generally all types of groupage but most commonly it exposed in childhood. It is very common in children.

Asthma symptoms

Asthma symptoms are of following types:

  • Fells tightness in the chest
  • Dificulting is breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Whistling sound come during breathing
  • Nasal flaring(stretching of nostrils during inhaling as exhale of oxygen).
  • nervousness

Symptoms of asthma depend on your type of asthma. Everyone who suffers from asthma will not have the same type is symptoms.

If you have some common symptoms of asthma then you should defiantly have to visit a doctor to take care of this lung disease.

Asthma causes

what is asthma
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There are no specific causes of this disease found to be researchers this lung problem causes by the following factors.

This is the type of following causes:

It may be genetic: In the case, if your grandfather or mother or your parents have a breathing problem or asthma then there is a chance that you should also have the probability to get up suffer from this lung problem.

Case of hygiene: if in your childhood after 3 or 4 months if any baby exposed to bacterias then there is a chance that that baby has week immune system due to which various problem occurs and their immune system does not get strong to fight with asthma problem.

Infection during childhood: any infection during early childhood is also a reason to get this lung problem.

Allergens: many types of particular allergies are also responsible that trigger breathing problem.

Triggers for asthma are:

  • Breathing in air pollution
  • Smoking on a daily basis is also a reason to get this chronic problem
  • Inhaling unnatural gases such as perfumes
  • Get  tough or smell of an allegedly( different is most cases)
  • Trigger mostly during cold and winter

Asthma treatments:

It is a very common chronic disease according to researchers it can not be a cure but it can be controlled by some medications and suggestions.


Medication s one of the most common ways for asthma treatment but you have to wait because it Is a little bit longer medication process to control it. Your medication depends on your sex, age, and sympathies.

It helps to control your lung capability to manage to breathe.


 Some of the easy and quick medications are inhalers which proved you and temporary relief to get well.

Avoid unnecessary breathing pollutants:

One of the biggest reasons for this chronic problem is breathing unnatural gases such as perfume, pollution gases, and dust, etc. which lead to trigger some kind of asthma attacks.

Breathing exercise:

Some type of breathing yoga exercise is so much helpful to control breathing which tends to increase lung capacity and reduce asthma attacks.

Try to do an exercise for at least 5-6 minutes a day which helps to increase lung capacity.

Eat healthily and stay away from allergic thighs:

Healthy eating is very beneficial to avoid attacks and it is more beneficial if you stay away fro allergic food to avoid symptoms of asthma.

This is detailed information about asthma-like what is asthma, asthma causes. Asthma symptoms etc.

here is all detailed information for you to stay updated about asthma.

it is a fact that it has no cure but it is really possible to control asthma symptoms and using some treatment which is given above so read it and take knowledge about this lung disease.

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