What is chickenpox- Chickenpox treatment, causes, symptoms?

What is chickenpox?

Chickenpox is a disease caused by virus names as a varicella-zoster virus. Another name of this disease is called varicella is this very common diesis which causes to all human once in life or more.

what is chickenpox
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It is just like any other health issue which spread and it spread from one person to another through air or contact of skin and body.

 If you are taking care of a person who suffers from chickenpox then there is a chance then another person should also get contaminated with this problem.

Although it is a temporary health issue which can be recovered in less than 2 weeks.

When you first get in contact with this virus first bump or pimple come on your trunk or face and after that, it spread on your whole body in 4-5 days.

In this article, we will talk that what is Chickenpox, Chickenpox Treatment, Chickenpox symptoms, Chickenpox vaccine which help you to all major and minor details.

Chickenpox symptoms

There are some common chickenpox symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Feeling weak
  • Get tired and feel unhealthy
  • Headache
As rash appears on your skin it passes through the following phases:

In staring reddish and pinkish bumps appears on your skin and spread on your whole skin.

The fluid is filled inside bump and then start busting as days passes.

As a result, the body starts to recover that open pores of bumps as the day passes.

In this skin problem pimples or bumps appear on your skin and spread very fast on your skin and also spreads to other persons. It takes at least 2-3 weeks to recover and get healthy but it takes some time to remove dark spots that occur due to busting of pimples or bumps.

chickenpox Causes

It is caused by a virus named a varicella-zoster virus. It is a type of disease that spread to others within 40-48 hours you infected person has contact with another person.

When an individual suffers from chickenpox then it is very common that he/she has got cold and cough.

During which when a person with this disease can sneeze many times and the virus may me get in the air and it increases the chance to infect other people around.

Some of the common complications during chickenpox

Some time it became worst and has some common series problems like as follow:

  • Dehydration
  • Infection due to open skin bumps
  • Inflammation
  • Bump turn into holes because of itching
  • Death
  • Contaminated with skin problems like itching
  • Rashes
Risk for

Some people who have a higher risk of chickenpox are:

  • To newborn baby
  • Pregnant women how never has chickenpox
  • People who smoke daily
  • People how to take medication or drugs on a daily basis
  • Low immune system

Chickenpox treatment

chickenpox treatment
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Chickenpox can get well within 2-3 weeks automatically but although there is a vaccination present to prevent it.

But a person who suffers from these diseases can meet doctors because there are other problems like itching and rashes common on the skin so the doctor prefers some medications and treatments to avoid other complications during it.

The doctor also suggests to you how to take care and to avoid spread it over your family and friends around you.


During this problem one of the most common problems is dehydration. So an indivisible who suffers from pox has to drink a penalty of water to avoid dehydration to get well soon.

Avoid sugary and spicy food:

if there are some pimples or bumps inside you month than it is difficult to eat and swallow food that’s why it is very important to avoid sugary and spicy food Because it is little bit painful to swallow and chewing food you have to take care that what to eat and how to eat.


itching is very common but you have to avoid scratching and rubbing pimples. I personally suggest that meet the doctor will provide you some medication to avoid itching. Sometimes itching makes bumps more worst so try to avoid itching and meet the doctor.

Chickenpox vaccine

You can prevent it by getting the chickenpox vaccine in your childhood. If your parents get varicella vaccine to you at the first 14-15 months of 2 doses.

There is an 80 to 90 percent chance that you get prevented.


Here is all detailed about chickenpox that what is chickenpox, Chickenpox treatment, Chickenpox symptoms, Chickenpox vaccine, chickenpox causes. This information is beneficial you want to avoid it or reduce the symptoms of these diseases.

At last, my suggestion is that it is very common diseases with face by mostly every person if any have you to suffer from it then don’t worry it can get well soon and taking care of yourself so that’s sit be healthy and happy do exercise and get more fit.

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