What is stress-its types, causes, treatments?

All about stress

In today’s world stress is one of the most common problems to all people’s stress it may be temporary or maybe long-term but your mind and physic are got very much affected by stress. So let’s start to learn what is stress, the type of stress, causes of stress, stress symptoms, stress management, and easy solutions.

In some cases, it is very beneficial to work under pressure to achieve something that is very important.

It works as a motivation for you to do something you need to do.

But if you feel that have abnormal behavior and facing disturbing problems many times then you have to learn about it and go with certain solutions or treatments related to stress. Let’s get start

What is stress?

it is a condition that is a response of your body and mind during high pressure and extreme workload.

During excess load on yourself, your mind did not get rest and became very unstable due to which your body secret some hormones and chemicals released.

Stress is a response of your body to maintain your mental condition and your health better.

In some condition like a public speaking, important meeting or during an emergency your body release adrenaline and other chemicals your body which leads to increase in blood flow(change in blood pressure), change in a heartbeat, sweating, fast breathing, etc are some response of the body in that condition.

Once stress released than body return back the normal conditions like relaxing in mussels, normal blood flow, focused mind, etc.

But in some conditions, it can be harmful to mental health and physical health. It is not possible to stay away from this problem in a complete manner but you can manage or handle it under many conditions.

What are hormones responsible for the change?

During a dangerous or uncomfortable condition, your brain sends and signals to the adrenaline gland which secret adrenaline chemical.

Body secret this type of chemicals for your help to handle situations by providing you the stability to attempt works to achieve.

Adrenaline take action by following conditions is as follows:

  • Increase in blood flow
  • Sweating
  • Increase in sense
  • Change in heartbeat
  • Sudden change in breathing
  • Another chemical is cortisol
  • Improve immune system response
  • Control mood, motivation, and fear by coordinating with the brain
  • Help the brain to use glucose in a more efficient way
  • Control your blood pressure
  • Maintain sleep/wake upcycle

Cortisol is act as a body build an alarm which reacts in certain situation like fear and anxiety.

Type of stress

type of stress
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There are mostly three types of stress present are as follows:

Actual stress

It is one of the most common types of stress which you face in your daily life. We can say it is temporary because it occurs for some time and then disappears after several minutes.

Or example if a teacher asks you a question before the whole class, the boss points a finger in the crowd of the group, or if you escape from a car or bike accident. During a short time period, you feel tense but after some time your body came back to normal condition.

Tips to avoid

When you feel actually stressed then start taking long breaths i.e. inhale and exhale which helps to relieve this condition.

Close your eyes for a second and talk to yourself that all is ok there is nothing to worry about.    

Talk to someone near you to whom you truest it helps to slow down your heartbeat and feels good to you.

Chronic stress

We can say that this type of stress occurs if you suffer long term problems and intense work routines.

it is long-term stress which may harmful to your mental and physical health.

This may be lead to anxiety problems like obsessive-compulsive disorder, dyslexia, mood disorder, depression, sleeping problems, and blood pressure, etc. 

This type needs long term treatments to overcome from it if you are also suffering from this problem then you can follow some basic tips to avoid this type of stress.

Breathing exercise is very useful to avoid this type of stress by maintaining breathing control.

Maintain a healthy diet is also beneficial to stay focused.

Music is very helpful to control any type of stress because it relaxes your mood and make you happier.

Episodic stress

it is a type in which is emotionally conditions that you feel. it also occurs due to more occurrences of actual stress.

This type of stress also leads to hypertension and migraines which lead to change in your lifestyle.

Listen to music.

Meet the doctor or therapist to improve your conditions.

Causes of stress

There are the following causes of stress are as follows:

  • Emotional problems
  • Low self-confidence
  • Loss of loved one
  • Extreme work routine
  • Fear of taking
  • Loneliness
  • Financial problems
  • Working long hours
  • Being unhappy in a job or work
  • Anger
  • Major changes in lifestyle

There are some common causes of stress which are responsible for this type of problem. try to be happy as much you can and avoid tension or any stuff which makes you feel tense.

Some of the symptoms of stress

sometimes it because long term problems which affect your daily lifestyle if you did not take care of this problem then it may increase and make you so depressed and unhappy.

Better than that go to the therapist or doctor to take care of this kind of problem.

Some symptoms of stress as of the following type

  • Lack of sleep (insomnia)
  • Migraine
  • Difficulty in decision making
  • Eating problem people may eat more food or less food
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Memory problem
  • Upset stomach
  • Emotional or mood problems
  • Worrying about any some or big problem
  • Loss in sex drive

Some problems like biting nails, playing with hairs and pacing, etc problems also occur.

You may feel fear and lack of confidence and worry about all things. If you are suffering from this type of stress problem than definitely you may have some symptoms which you have to take care of and treat it.

Stress management tips

Stress management is necessary if you are suffering from stress and that entire problem but it is a little bit difficult to overcome this problem but not completely.

This problem takes a little bit of time to recover but gets on the path in time.

We cannot able to get rid of it completely because it is very common in human nature. But we are able to control this problem for a healthy lifestyle and to live happily rather than that some problem is very general in every human begin the life you have to tackle this all problem.

Stress management tips are
  • Try to sleep 7-8 hours a day
  • healthy diet
  • Mediated each day at least for 20 minutes
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Drink a good amount of water helps to drive your mood.
  • Chill out with a friend
  • Do what makes you happy like painting, playing sports, watch comedy shows to improve your mood
  • Connected with your friends and family to share your problems
  • Exercise is one of the best way to relax and very useful to improve your mood

Here are some management techniques which if you follow some basic suggestion in your daily life then I am sure you can able to live happily.

Some of the mental problems which occurred

1. OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental disorder in which a person who suffers from OCD will repeat tasks serve no of times and cannot get satisfied.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder has some habits like overthinking, repetitive tasks doing, biting nails, negative mindset, etc.

In OCD there is thought come in mind like you get hurt or suffer from an accident, fear of failure, on and off switches multiple times which affects the daily routine of a person.

2. Social phobia

Social phobia is also called asocial anxiety disorder which has a fear of rejection, fear been jugged.

Many people with social anxiety disorder people will also have some physicals changes like change in a heartbeat, increase in breathing rate, change in blood pressure, etc.

 It is a very common problem in a teenager or in adults or kid but we have to deal with it if we didn’t deal with it became more complex to tackle it.

That’s why we have to take care of it by visiting a therapist and taking care of this anxiety disorder.

3. Anxiety disorder due to medical problems

It is a type of anxiety disorder that directly affects your health problems. This type of anxiety disorder includes a change in secretions of glands in the body, chance in the sleep of wake upcycle, head quench, digestion problem, change in eating behavior, etc.

4. Panic disorder

The panic disorder which a person suffers from cause panic attacks i.e. feeling of sudden fear or anxiety but there is no actual or real problem.

It is a sudden change in the behavior of people in negative ways generally it is very common in teenagers and adults.

A panic attack occurs in any situation at any time without any warning. People under extreme tension mostly suffer from this anxiety disorder.


There are many problems with occurs like dyslexia, generalize anxiety disorder, mood disorder, etc. that’s why we need to avoid excess tension as much we can by changing lifestyle and by suggestions of the therapist.

Now I think that you understand what is stress in detailed information I think that it is helpful to you to understand better to tackle this type of problem.

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