What is the common cold-symptoms, causes & treatment

What is the common cold?

It is an upper respiratory tract infection caused by many types of virus infections. This is just like a simple cold and the common cold is caused by infections which are known as a virus. 

It can be getting well in less than two or more weeks but it is not harmful at all.

However, the common cold is caused by many things but the most common reason for this disease is rhinovirus which is responsible for more than fifty percent of cold in humans. In cold, and indivisible has a scratchy throat, continuous sneezing, and running nose.

It is spread when an individual sneeze and due to which through air infectious virus droplets get contacted by another person and then other persons also get infected.

This is minor information that what is the common cold but now we are going to talk that the causes, symptoms, treatments and how should we prevent it later.

Now without wasting time let’s start talking about common cold symptoms.

Common cold symptoms

Common cold symptoms
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Many times people get cold in the spring sessions and in the winter season and usually people see common cold symptoms in less than 2-3 days after contaminated with the cold-causing virus.

Most simple common cold symptoms are:

  • Cough
  • Continuous sneezing
  • Scratchy throat
  • Running nose
  • Fever
  • Mild headache
  • Aches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Congestion

Some other Common cold symptoms are:

  • Loss of taste
  • Watery nasal
  • Body pain
  • Watery eyes

These are some simple Common cold symptoms and it may vary from person to person depending on the virus. Common cold symptoms mostly affected by a person with a low immune system and cause to any age group who get touched with a cold virus.

Now let’s see some similar common cold causes.

The common cold is causes

common cold causes
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As we said above the common cold is a cause due to cold-causing infection or virus t all types of genders and age groups.

A cold virus enters your body through the nose, eyes, and mouth. When someone with a cold sneeze or cough then droplets get in the air get other people like you to get it through the air and it is manly causes if you share or get contact with a person with a cold.

Risk factor

These are some factors which increase the chance of cold:

Weak immune system: having a week immune system or other chronic illness increases the chance of getting a cold.

Contact: the person we can be taking care of the cold patients has more chances to get common cold symptoms faster because you get touched with the virus very easily.

Smoking: you get more likely cached with cold if you smoke because it makes your immune system week.

How to prevent yourself

The virus which is responsible for the common cold is caused mainly by spread from one person to another that why it is very necessary to take care of us by close-talking or touching to another person if he suffers from cold.

You prevent it by taking some points in your mind:

Avoid touching nose, eyes, and mouth: some causing virus can only enter through eyes, nose, and mouth so you have to take care and avoid touching then unnecessary.

Stay away from a sick person: it is much better to stay away from a person how has a cold for some time because it increases the chance that you get cold.

Washing hands: washing hands is a very efficient way to avoid this kind of disease if you come from outside and then first you have to wash your hands it helps to make your hands clean and hygiene. You can also use alcohol-based hand sanitizers for temporary resources.

Common cold treatments

Generally cold get normally in 2-3 weeks less some time it takes less time to get well. But some of the medicines are used to stop problems like cough and sneezing or for throat relief.

Some common remedies to deal with cold are as follows:

During cold, your nose continuously discharges liquid which makes every difficulty in breath due to which we can use nasal sprays to get relief from the jammed nose.

Some of the homes remedies with us can use to douche cold are:


Steam one of the great ways to get relief from nasal lock due to running nose and steam also open up throat. You just have to take a bowl of warm water, put a towel overhead, and start taking steam as your comfort it is really helpful to deal with the nasal problem.


Gargling is a very much better option to do for the throat to ease you just have to boil as it gets mild you can add salt in it and then start doing gargling with really helpful to open up your throat.

During cold, we have coughing problem which is a very difficult handle that’s why doctor prefers to take cough syrups to get well of trough coughing.

These are some very common cold treatments that can be done but more than if you visit the doctor then he will prefer some medicines with may help you to deal with cold fast. So if you see any common cold symptoms then you should have to meet the doctor first and then take care of yourself.

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