what is cancer?|cancer types,causes,symptoms,treatments.

What is cancer?

cancer causes due to the production of excess cells and divides uncontrollably due to the production of excess cells it forms a tumor or bumps.

these cells develop anywhere in your body because your body made up of trillions of cells which produced when required and die as getting older.

But in some cases, the process is broken down which responsible for extra cell development, and division which responsible for cancer.

All the cells develop and multiply very easily because they get enough nutrition and minerals from your body to grow which responsible for the occurrence of somebody’s changes like a tumor, bad immune health, etc. which tends for the improper functioning of the body.

Cancer Causes


Alcohol can increase the risk of cancer in your body but it does not mean that every person who drinks can get affected by cancer but nowadays it is seen generally people how to drink alcohol in an excessive manner get suffered from cancer.

it is one of the most important terms which causes this harmful disease like cancer and others.


Yes, excess weight or obesity is one of the most common causes of cancer but it does not mean that you get the effect of cancer there may be more chances.

Any obese person should have extra fat cells which make extra hormones and some growth factors which instruct your body to grow more cells and allow dividing it due to increase to the number of cell production it increases to chance of growth of cancer cell.

if you maintain your weight then this is really helpful to live your long happy life and also decrease the chance of developing much decease.

Inactive body

One of the biggest reason due to which the obesity rate increase is the inactive body or lack of exercise nowadays people site of one place and work for a long time which response to increase their weight and fat as we already talk what is a relation between heavyweight and cancer.

If you do daily exercise and follow a strict diet then it definitely lowers the risk of cancer and not only but helps you to stay more active.

Therefore these my humble request to you to stay active and do regular exercise.

Heavy UV rays explosion

Heavy UV rays have also developed a chance to increase the risk of skin cancer. It is not like if you exposed to the sun for 2-3 days it is ok but if you exposed to UV rays then it is really harmful.

Sun rays are very powerful during 10-4 am to avoid this time to go out or cover your face and body with cloths or apply the best sunscreen which protects you from bad UV rays.

But if you do not like to were heavy cloth ten try to use sunscreen on your body which helps you reflect harmful rays from the sun.

Unhealthy diet

Diet is the most important term for your body healthy if you eat unhealthily and junk food then it is responsible for weight gain and increases unnecessary fat it is as harmful to your health and as we increase the chance to develop this type of other diseases in your body.

If you stop eating oily and junk food then it definitely a plus point which helps to lower the risk of cancer.

Try to eat fruits and vegetable and high protein food which provide all healthy nutrition and keep your body healthy.

therefore this is my request to you if you eat mostly unhealthy food then stop only eating unhealthy food.

Type of cancer


As you are getting from name pancreatic cancer this type effect cells of the pancreas which slows down the process and affects the working of the pancreas.

These cancerous cells can develop a tumor that affects the working of other body parts.

Some symptoms and signs :

•       Yellow skin and eyes

•       darkening of the urine

•       itching and skin rashes

•       pain in the upper abdomen

•       swelling in arms and legs

•       Stomach Bloating

•       Weakness

Kidney cancer:

when there is the development of cells in 1 or both kidney which tends to form a tumor due to its effect on the functioning of the kidney.

Symptoms and signs:

•       Blood during urination

•       A lump in the side

•       High blood pressure

•       Decreased no of RBC

•       Fatigue

•       Loss of appetite

•       Unexpected weight loss

Lung cancer

Lungs are a very important part of your body to live it help to inhale and exhale oxygen in case of this type there is an exception in which cell division and growth occurs dramatically due to which there are many problems occurs like inhaling problem and pain in lungs etc.

causes and sighs

•       Fatigue

•       Chest pain

•       Coughing up blood

•       Weight loss

•       Inhaling problems

•       Cough

•       Loss of appetite

Liver cancer

Almost all types of cancers can of some type by developing and division of cells in an irregular manner.

it also occurs due to the development of untroubled cells and the effects on processing the liver.

cancer affects blood quantity, absorption process, and immune system of the body.

Symptoms and sign:

•       Weight loss

•       Loss of appetite

•       Upper abdominal pain

•       Weakness

•       Abdominal swelling

Some of the common cancer symptoms to be noticed:

symptoms are general but if more two or three problems are seen than first you have to meet the doctor and also have to take proper treatment.

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Blood during urination
  • Loss of appetite
  • Uneccaey vomiting
  • chronic cough
  • Growth of tumor
  • Itching
  • Change in color of skin
  • Yellowish color of urine
  • Unexplained extreme sweating

Cancer treatment

Many researchers and research center are trying to find out the best way to treat cancer because its treatment is a long term process and include a lot of medicine and money.

Although cancer can treat it is not an easy task at all. Treatment of cancer can depend on the type of cancer that occurs to a patient.

Here are some treatments to take care:

Hormone therapy:

therapy involves some medicine that affects change in the work of somebody able to produce cells. In breast cancer, this is commonly used to treat.

Radiation therapy:

Radiation therapy, in which experts, use high-frequency radiation to kill cancerous affected cells it also uses to reduce or shrink the size of the tumor before any action takes on it(surgery).


surgery is one of the most common methods used to treat any following types of cancer in which experts or doctors remove the tumor of bump occurs due to cancerous cells.

while this may be true that this is a long-term process to take care to treat infected cells properly and can be done multiple times.

Stem cells:

stem cells are processed in which red blood and white blood cells can be destroyed this is much use in blood-related cancer.

As you know that in this dangerous disease so many cells develop in an uncontrolled manner to the particular area of the body that’s why it is very important to kill or destroy all that harmful bacterias.


patient treated with medicines and other treatments to improve the immune system of the patient to increase the ability to fight cancerous cells and also improve the strength of the patient.

Targeted therapy:

Doctor or excerpts targets cancerous cells and the effect on their work processing of growth and division.

There are also many types of treatment present but include to know but this is some basic and important treatment to take care of cancerous cells.

This is one of the most dangerous diseases nowadays, in other words, we can say that is death of bacteria to us due to which thousands of people die.

This blog provides all limited but important information regarding what is cancer, type of cancer, causes, and cancer symptoms which are helpful to you to understand better about cancer and its treatments.

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